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The Twilight Lodge is committed to preserving our natural resources through conservation.
As a "green lodge", water conservation and reducing waste and pollution of all types is a priority for us.

At the Lodge

* We change bed linens every third day, upon request and at checkout.

* We replenish only the bath towels that are left on the floor of the bathroom or suite. Kindly hang your towels up if you plan to use them again.

* We use energy saving lighting and provide recycling bins throughout the lodge.

* We kindly request that our guests shut off the lights, air conditioners or heaters when they leave their rooms.

* When possible, we use recycled products and "green" approved cleaning products.

* Our hotel amenities use eco-friendly ingredients and packaging and are toxin-free, vegan and cruelty-free. They are made with and packaged in post consumer recycled plastic bottles.